Going from one failure to another makes us strong, however that doesn’t mean that life is all about failures. Failures give us strength and spirit to find a new way to solve the problem and reach to success. See guys, whatever we do, our final aim is to get succeed in delivering the goods. But the way to success is full of thorns. Now it depends on the one who walks on the path that whether he wants to quit or go through thorns to achieve success. So guys, we are back with a new inspirational story.

Learn from failure

Learn from failure-Albert Einstein

The name of this man is set as synonym for ‘Genius’.

Any Guesses?

Yes, you are correct. It is Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein is now termed as second name for genius. But for those who think “he is genius, so what? I’m not genius. He could live the life he did but I can’t.”, let me tell you, he was not always a genius. He led his life in that direction. He was not even able to speak fluently until he was 9 years old. His father used to think that he is complete failure. His teachers thought that he is slower than other children. He could not read properly. His way of behavior made people suspect that he is mentally retarded. He used to murmur the words silently in mouth before speaking the sentence loudly. He used to be in his own world of imagination and used to skip classes because of it. Many people thought that he would never succeed in his life. His schooling, graduation, everything didn’t go easy. He failed entrance exams several times. After graduation, he worked in many odd jobs like he tried to become musician, but soon he got bored from this. Eventually he found employment as patent clerk that he really loved because it gave him time to research on scientific stories. He worked with all dedication that he had to divorce his wife and lose his children. Everybody thought that he is crazy, but it was only him who knew that his work was right. He drowned in the science so much that he became mentally and physically ill.

Even after getting opposed by everyone he continued his work and studies on his theories. After years of hard work, one of his great theories, “General theory of relativity” was published. Now the world recognized his talent, however many scientists throughout the world didn’t agree with his theory and called it useless or worthless one. They said he didn’t have a logical mind. Anyways later on, the theory was accepted by the world.

And thus, so called slow learner, stupid minded, and illogical person won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 and led United States to build an atomic bomb.

This story teaches us that many times your work will not be recognized as an appropriate one. But you should believe in yourself and in what you do. Be faithful and dedicated with your work and you will find yourself getting success in life.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back soon with another story. Stay blessed.


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